When your writers are all lined up, it’s time to start knocking out articles. The first style that you need to look into is SEO Writing. This is Search Engine Optimization and is critical to your success. You will have articles produced with a certain key word density that will help in increasing your Google rank. This is not going to happen overnight, and you will need a steady influx of this type of writing.

When you are ready to submit your articles, you are going to have to create backlinks to your site. You do this by creating articles that basically talk about the service or product that you are selling. By inserting a link to your site, you create this backlink.

This does two things for you. The first one is that when the person is reading the article, they can then click on the link to go to a purchase page on your site. If you are selling diet products, you can create a link on the product as you are describing it. If the reader is interested, they clink on the link and make the purchase through you.

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