Vitamin C for example will reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), encourage recovery from adrenal fatigue and protect your cells against damage that can lead to premature aging and cancer. Likewise, vitamin D can help you to fight colds and infection (recent research suggests that a vitamin D supplement is almost as potent as an anti-flu vaccine!) and boost testosterone along with improving your sleep. Vitamin B complex will help improve the circulation of blood, as well as helping to make the cells more efficient at using energy.

Magnesium can help you to sleep better too and will also improve learning through brain plasticity, not to mention strengthening your bones. The list goes on! Find a good multivitamin that comes packed with lots of vitamin C, lots of vitamin D and the whole plethora of vitamins and minerals. This isn’t going to transform your life, but it is a very simple change that will make the other changes in this book a lot easier to accomplish.

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