Every organisation has numerous departments, and it is essential to integrate every last of these departments to work uniformly. SAP software integrates all interior procedures by means of various modules. The advance SAP technology enables R/3 to deal with business management operations throughout all the sections of the organization. Whatever change in the organisational structure can be easily mirrored by the SAP technology, and it provides space for the expansion. Both decentralization and centralization of processes can be done efficiently if the company has set up SAP software. Irrespective of the size of the business, SAP helps the company to organize all its business activities.

Equally with any software system, SAP has a introductory system named the kernel. This is the engine of the whole R/3 system trusted for taking out every functionalities. The screen interpreter checks user input and displays error messages. This takes the input fed to the system and transfers the input to the ABAP/4 interpreter. This interpreter executes the instructions written in ABAP/4 programming language which was used to develop SAP. The SAP system also has a data dictionary for storing all types of definitions used in various modules. Flow control is handled by as a separate component which maintains perfect data flow inside the system. Interfaces connect the software with the outside environment enabling communication between the user and the system.

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