I’ve been a trader in a professional capacity for a good portion of my life and have traded at both the retail and institutional level. The markets take some specific training to master, and common sense is not a quality I would use to describe market price action. At times, the market seems to move in ways that defy logic.

That is why you need specific training to learn to stay away from bad trades.
ペアーズ,ぺあーず,ペアーズ メッセージ,ペアーズ いいね,彼女が欲しい
There are many times that simply looking at the market and the price action occurring would lead you to a conclusion a certain outcome is inevitable. However, there are momentum oscillators and rate-of-change indicators that would show you that the move you are observing is simply market noise” and not a good trading opportunity at all. You learn to look for specific set-ups that consistently produce profitable results. This skill is developed through training and experience. Still, many novice traders open a futures trading account and start trading without the proper education and the results are disastrous.

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