Nanny agencies aren’t all the same. Some are made better than others. If you want to find the best caregivers for your kids, you should always settle for the best. Here are some tips on how to find a good agency for nannies.

– The first thing you should check is the length of time that an agency has been in business. This does not mean that all new companies cannot be trusted. After all, nanny companies have to start from somewhere and every company has experienced being new. Parents however, who look for agencies for the first time may want to settle for companies that have been around for some time. The fact that they have operated for so long speaks a lot about their level of experience.

– Ask too about a company’s reputation and their level of success with clients. You would want to be with an agency that has had a lot of satisfied customers. Again, this does not mean that a company should always have a 100% success rate. There will be times when agencies just can’t find the right nannies for some families. What is important is that there are more happy parents than discontented ones. Check forums and review sites for client opinions.

– Determine an agency’s procedure for screening. The most important aspect to check here is whether or not an agency conducts background and reference checks. It is always in your best interest to find out if a prospective nanny has a criminal record or a driving offense.

– A nanny agency should never leave you out of the equation. Find out just how much an agency will let you participate in finding your nanny. Some agencies will let you interview prospective nannies and will even provide you with tips and sample questions you may ask. Whenever an interview is not possible, agencies should make the extra effort to find out your particular needs and requirements for a nanny. They should be able to make a close match between a nanny and your needs.

– Always ask if an agency has nannies with first aid or emergency training. If their nannies do not have special course certificates upon signing up, determine if an agency conducts special classes for their nannies. This is very important. You are leaving your child in the care of a nanny for long periods of time. You would want to be sure that she can respond to emergencies.

– Do find out what an agency is willing to do for you after you hire a nanny. It is possible that you may not be happy with the nanny that you have been provided with. There is also a chance that a nanny may opt not to continue working for you due to emergency or personal reasons. When this happens, your agency should be able to provide support of some sort. The usual arrangement would be to provide you with a replacement at no extra cost.

There is actually an abundance of nanny agencies. You’ll never run out of options. What is important is that you take a lot of pains finding a good agency.


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