Large Item Delivery Problems

Any large item delivery can’t simply be thrown into a van and shifted from ‘A’ to ‘B’. If you want to make sure that it arrives in the condition that you left it in, you need to make special provision for the packaging and transit storage of the item or items. Let’s have a look at how best to do that.


First and foremost, you should check whether or not your item can be disassembled. In many large item delivery cases, this will be obvious, but in some cases, most notably, furniture, you may have to look closer. Many types of furniture can be disassembled, but suffer for the process. If an item is held together only by nails or screws directly into the material, it’s worth looking at delivering it whole. There are many types of join and connectors that have been specially designed to be taken apart and put back together again.

Conversely, sofas are not items of furniture that you often consider to be easy to disassemble. In many cases this is true. However, it may be worth asking your removal company or courier service whether they have a carpenter on hand to make removal and delivery that much easier.

Protecting Corners On Large Item Delivery

Whether your item is furniture or not, you will want to protect it from a number of potential hazards before, during and after transit. Sharp corners are one of the biggest problems during the movement of any large item. The best way to ensure none of the corners are damaged in you large item delivery is to have two types of protection. The most secure way for corners to be protected is by a layer of foam padding over the top of a layer of wadding of some kind. This could be material like cotton, or just a few layers of kitchen roll.

Protection From The Elements

If your large item delivery is particularly delicate, expensive, or prone to water damage, you may wish to cover the item completely. Most delivery companies will have a kind of plastic sheeting which is secured around the item, which protects it from rain. This is particularly suitable for sofas and high quality table tops. Make sure that in addition to this, you have other protection from bumps and scrapes underneath.

Delivery During Transit

One of the most important aspects of any large item delivery is that your item is secured in place during the move. This is most commonly done using thick canvas strapping. Remember though, this strapping can, in and of itself, damage your delivery, so ensure that adequate padding is used, such as a removal blanket.

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