Maybe it’s a new habit, hitting the green and having a good time, or maybe it’s something a person has been doing for many years and they are just now looking for a few new faces to t-off with. These faces can be found easier than a person thinks, and local golfers can join together for an afternoon of fun in the outdoors.

The Local Club

One of the first ways a person may try to find a few local golfers is by trying to check out bulletin boards or use word of mouth at the local club or range. This can be a fruitful adventure, but often times it doesn’t end with people making great connections and getting partners or groups together that may last for a while. This means other options may best be pursued to find local golfers and get a good group or pair together.

Checking Out The Online Scene

A lot of things have been made easier thanks to the internet. Shopping, movie viewing, and keeping up on world news. It may not be readily apparent that finding people with common interests, as in other local golfers, can be as simple as a few searches and key strokes away. Why not get that laptop up or the PC and see who in the area may have similar interests and the same type of schedule.

Getting Organized

Having a nice group of people who enjoy either going for a short, back nine or the whole eighteen can be made easier if it’s well organized. Knowing what fellow players want to achieve when out on the course is always a bonus. It doesn’t have to be done in a formal way, asking everyone to fill out a questionnaire. A few simple questions that can pop up in a conversation are a great way to know what people like about the game. Try asking things like: how important is being well under par? Is time often a factor into a round? What kind of clubs or balls is preferred? When is the best time to catch a quick round or an afternoon? These can come up easily and will help everyone get an idea of what the game plan will be. It can also go a long way in keeping a group of local golfers together for many rounds.

Get Scheduled

In that conversation that helps a player to find out what everyone likes or pursues with their skills it’s also important to figure out when everyone can easily play. Some may have more time to snag the back nine after a day at work, during the week. Others may only have Sunday mornings. Getting this figured out, especially for a few weeks or even the summer in advance can lead to easy planning and getting all the local golfers out together as much as possible. Make sure contacts are exchanged, and try to get at least one or more person to do a confirming call or some kind of communication a day or two in advance. This will insure outings run smoothly and that everyone remains happy to play again at the next course.

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