A speech and language therapist, also known as a speech-language pathologist, is a clinician who specialises in diagnosing speech and language disorders in children and adults and provides treatments accordingly. Articulation disorders, stuttering, difficulties in pronouncing various sounds, understanding others, sharing ideas are few examples of speech and language disorder.

Here are the reasons to choose Speech Therapy as a career:

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Whatever field you choose as a career, the very first thing you shall consider is the job opportunities it can offer in the future. If you choose speech therapy as a career, your decision is absolutely correct as it opens many career windows for you. There are a variety of options from which you can choose like public and private school systems, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, corporations etc.

Learning opportunities:

Speech therapy is a career where you learn something new every day. No two people having communication or language disorder are alike. Being a speech therapist you have to handle every patient in a different manner. For that purpose, you have to study your patient thoroughly and do research to find the best treatment for him. During such activities, one gets to learn a lot of new things about speech and language disorder, which helps you in raising your level as a speech therapist.


Children are sensitive by nature, so a speech therapist ought to take special care of them. Treating children with communication and language disorders requires lots of creativity. It is general that if one child is responding to one way of therapy, then the other child may not find it interesting. So a speech therapist dealing with children has to be creative enough to find new ways of speech therapy.

Self Independent:

The best part of choosing speech therapy as a career is work flexibility. A language analyst can join somewhere as a full-time employee or can work independently. You can choose your patient among children and adults as it requires different skills to be an analyst for the children and the adult ones. Providing speech therapy to children may require lots of time and patience as compared to adults. So, it is good that you can choose among your patient on your own.


Treating speech and language disorders is definitely a challenging task. Every day there is a new patient with some sort of speech or language disorder on which you might not have worked earlier. That means the therapist has to study thoroughly about the particular disorder and find ways to give an appropriate treatment. Sometimes you may find cases where every existing therapy has been a waste of time, means innovation is required. Such cases open a gate to research and development in speech and language therap

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