Do not underestimate the importance of knowing how to bowl spares. The only thing that I ever hear people talking about is how to bowl strikes. What about spares though? No one will ever bowl a perfect 300 game every time they bowl. That being said, you must know how to pick up spares in order to be a good bowler!

I want to share with you a little “how to” guide to bowling spares. Here are three of the most fundamental tips for picking up the nagging spares!

Tip Number One

A lot of bowling spares and strikes is contingent on your approach. How quickly are your approaching the lane? Are your knees bent? Are you getting push from your legs when you release the ball? You see, all of these factors will directly affect how your ball travels. If you are a right-handed bowler with a hook? Maybe you are trying to pick up the seven pin in the corner. You may need to slow down your approach to ensure that you are getting enough rotation on the ball. This will allow the ball to travel right to left and nail that seven pin! Understanding how your approach affects your ball is critical when bowling spares!

Tip Number Two

During your practice rounds, make sure to keep note of how your ball reacts at certain spots on the lane. Certain areas of the lane have more oil than others. This directly affects how your ball grips the lane. The lanes that I typically bowl at, the center of the lane is usually more oily than the sides. This means that I need more hook in the center of lane and more of a straight throw when dealing the edges. This is very important because your approach should change depending on where your spare pins are positioned.

Tip Number Three


It sounds really simple, right? The problem though is that most people do not relax. What happens is you begin to “over-think” the shot. This will cause your approach, release and follow through to be off the mark. Anytime you rush a motion such as bowling, you lose control of the mechanics causing the shot to go awry. Calm down. Breathe. Relax. Keep your head straight and stiff and focus on your target. You will be amazed at how bowling spares will start to come more natural to you!

Bowling spares seems to be a lost art. People who learn bowling today seem to only focus on bowling strikes. Even the PBA bowlers do not bowl strikes all the time. They need to rely on bowling spares in order to keep that average up!

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